C8 Weekly Bulletin:  Thor Financial now available on C8 Studio

1 June 2023

Full Press Release here

C8 Technologies is pleased to announce that five indices derived from Thor Financial Technologies will now be available through the C8 platform. The strategies will be available to C8 clients to be accessed through direct indexing and will be fully included in C8 studio and thus available to be combined with other strategies and allocations optimized to create complete portfolio solutions for clients. The indices are: Thor All Asset, Thor Low Volatility SDQ, Thor Sector 100, Thor ESG 100, and Thor Diversified Bond. Thor Financial Technologies, LLC provides solutions that enables advisors to deploy their client portfolios in a more intelligent way with a main focus on managing risk.

“Thor has grown nicely by creating solutions that financial advisors see value in. Now Thor users can utilize C8 Technology to create custom blends (UMAs) or invest directly in the underlying securities with our Direct Indexing tools, says Craig Cmiel, Head of C8 US. Our international clients now have access to Thor via our global platform.”

Brad Roth, CIO at Thor commented that “We are excited to partner with C8 Technologies. Their ability to offer advisors the ability to quickly utilize best in class managers and offer an optimized blend of their strategies will lead to innovative portfolio offerings for investors”.

C8 Studio: Thor Low Vol SDQ vs S&P 500

Thor Low Volatility SDQ index trades the S&P500, Dow Jones Industrial Average and Nasdaq 100 Index (either ETF or Future).  Thor’s proprietary technology can de-risk the portfolio and overweight the best performing index over time.  As the portfolio rotates to risk off only then will the strategy begin to raise cash. As the chart above shows, the strategy can track the US stock market in good times but it was then successful in limiting drawdowns during the more volatile markets seen over the past three years.