Take full control of your investments with C8

You can get the performance of any institutional grade investment style by trading them yourself, at lower cost, with your own broker. C8 provides direct access to active, tradeable indices developed by us and leading investment professionals.

How it works

The C8 ecosystem connects asset owners around the world with some of the smartest investment professionals in the financial markets. This is achieved via Tradeable Indices, which allow clients to track the performance in any of our cutting edge investment approaches, both systematic and discretionary, using different assets classes such as Equities, Futures and FX. Our clients implement the actual underlying trades rather than sub-allocating capital to external managers. These Indices can be tracked as closely or as loosely as desired, as our clients have full control.

We provide our clients with C8 Studio, our demo and research platform, and C8X, our execution platform, so that you have all the tools to trade equities, forex, financial and commodity futures directly from your computer.

With no intermediary, you gain perfect transparency of all positions and an ability to customise your portfolio without the costs associated with sub-allocating your capital to external managers.


Tradable Index Providers

The index providers publish tradable indices in our platform, C8 Studio, that are developed and provided by C8 and leading investment professionals.

Asset Owners

In C8 Studio, the asset owners have access to the indices with full control and transparency of their investments while cutting the intermediary fees by up to half.

Banks & Exchanges

All trades are executed by you, through your own chosen broker or bank.

The Usual Way of Investing

The Investment Manager manages your capital

In their account

With standard fees

With no customization

In a programme they design

With legacy technology

Extensive on-going operational due diligence

More expensive
No Customization
No Transparency
Little Control

The C8 Way of Investing

You manage your capital directly from your device

In your account

With lower fees

With customization on demand

In a programme you can design

With the latest technology

Light touch investment due diligence

Better Value
Full Control

The Ecosystem


  • Global
  • US
  • Europe
  • China
  • Asia
  • Custom

Asset Classes

  • Equities
  • Bonds
  • Options
  • Futures
  • FX

Strategy Types

  • Long Only
  • Long/Short
  • Macro
  • Alternative Risk Premia
  • Statistical Arbitrage
  • Trend Following
  • ESG (Environment, Society and Governance)


  • C8
  • Morningstar
  • SEB
  • Pacific Asset Management
  • GreenBlue
  • GDS
  • Delft Partners
  • Stargazer Asset Management
Transparent and Cost Efficient solution to help manage my investments.
UK Investment House
A truly new solution for future pensions could result.
Members of The European Parliament (Brussels)
We are very excited to be using this innovative way to manage assets.
Middle-East Bank
A great tool for an SOE requiring transparency and flexibility.
Chinese State-Owned Enterprise
Cost and time saving for strategy development, new strategies will greatly diversify our portfolio.
Asian Bank
A great business model for global investors to participate in Chinese A-share markets.
Asset Manager (HK)

The Benefits

Making modern investment techniques accessible to more people

Have access to cutting edge investment techniques, without the need to develop them in-house, making it easy to add real diversification to the classic equity/bond portfolio mix.


Cost-efficient trading in our platform C8 Studio

It is straightforward to trade liquid strategies in-house with C8’s state-of-the-art execution engine, so why pay twice for compliance, custody, legal fees etc.  It costs less this way because there are less costs.


True global access right from your desktop

Take the best investment ideas from around the world.  Increased financial regulation and overseas due diligence makes access to cross-border investment managers difficult and expensive. But liquid strategies can be ported into your own desktop taking away the headaches.


A more ethical and transparent way of investing

Unlike external capital allocation, you know exactly what you own and portfolios can be customized as required.  This is very beneficial given the increased emphasis on the Enviromental, Social and Governance (ESG) impact of investing.


User Stories

Pacific Asset Management (PAM) want to trade their five Alternative Risk Premia Indices in a UCITS using the C8 platform. C8 integrated these index strategies within its software application and presented an analysis of historical information to determine the client’s level of risk. A server was set up where C8X (C8’s execution platform) was installed. C8 integrated electronic trading against PAM’s futures broker, State Street, and their FX OMS, FX Connect, via an API. The client logs into the server and uses C8X to generate the Index reweighting orders which are sent to the client’s OMS for a final check before being released to the market. Filled trades are received electronically by PAM’s back office and populate portfolios in C8X. This process usually takes 30 minutes for all the Indices to be rebalanced (typically monthly), with C8 always available for support.
The client was interested in a daily trading Trend System with exposure to US dollar-denominated Futures and FX Forwards for G10 currencies, to increase their exposure to North America. C8 presented a customized portfolios of dollar-based indices sourced from C8’s Global Trend-Following Index. The client selected a portfolio and commenced trading the customized Index. A cloud-based server was set up in the Microsoft Azure cloud where C8X (C8’s execution platform) was installed. The client logs onto the server and uses C8X to generate the day’s index reweighting trades. The client then uploads the trades into its internal OMS for execution which feeds directly into all their internal processes in middle and back office. The executed transactions are subsequently uploaded into C8X. The process usually takes 20 minutes per day, with C8 always available for support.
The client wanted to use C8’s software to trade the C8 China Trend-Following Index, which has been tailored to the local Chinese futures markets. C8 presented an analysis of historic information to help the client determine their level of risk. A cloud-based server was set up in the Alibaba cloud in China, where C8 installed C8X (C8’s execution platform), adjusted for China, on the cloud server. C8 integrated C8X against the client’s broker, Industrial Futures, to enable the index reweighting to be traded electronically via their API. The client logs into the server, generates the day’s orders in C8X and sends them to their broker. The electronic trading is monitored via C8X and the broker’s reporting system. The filled trades are received electronically and automatically populate the portfolios in C8X. A transaction report is uploaded into the client’s back office system. The process is entirely automated and typically takes 20 minutes per day, with C8 always available for support.


A glimpse of our platform

Trade through C8 Studio:
Costs - Only one fee to C8, as you use it
Indices - Fee range from 50 bps
Implementation - In the cloud or at the client
Timing - Implementation in 2/3 weeks
Assets - Smaller minimum investment
Expert - Chief Research Officer available

About C8

C8 was established in 2017 in London by Mattias Eriksson and Dr. Ebrahim Kasenally, previously partners and senior executives at BlueCrest Capital Management – one of the largest global alternative investment management firms. C8 combines decades of investment research, trading and technology experience.

Mattias Eriksson

Founder & CEO

Dr. Ebrahim Kasenally

Founder & Chief Research Officer

Jonathan Webb

Chief Operating Officer

Ricardo Baroni

Head of Sales

Sergey Vdovenko

Chief Technology Officer

William Soo

Lead Research Officer

Stefan Moberg

Senior Institutional Sales Manager


Partner & Strategic Adviser

Bo Yang

Head of Greater China

Yanjun Ai

Business Development, China

Jia Wang

Office Manager, China

Göran Emtesjö

Nordic Region Director

Brian Crumplin

General Manager Ireland

Timothy Bell

Strategic Adviser

Diego Cavrioli

Strategic Adviser

Magnus Carlsson

Strategic Adviser

Jauri Häkkä

Strategic Adviser

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