We are delighted to announce that the Water Risk Indices are now available to be traded via Direct Indexing on C8 Studio.

Please click on the REQUEST A DEMO link above to find out how

Nearly a third of the world is already subject to water stress, a burgeoning issue that will worsen under the impact of climate change, and as population growth fuels increasing water demands. The effects of water access changes on businesses will create winners (those who manage water well) and losers (those who mismanage water resources). The Water Risk Index takes these environmental risks into account in the portfolio selection.

This portfolio selection is powered by Equarius Risk Analytics (ERA), founded by Dr Peter Adriaens who is Director, Center for Smart Infrastructure Finance, The University of Michigan and a world-leading expert on water risk.  ERA methodology uses AI and machine learning to analyse a company’s geographical and other exposures to water risk, providing a ‘waterbeta’ for each company. Thomas Schumann Capital, with the help of index provider Fuzzy Logix, then use this waterBeta to build the Water Risk Index portfolios. A EUR Index has been launched, with a US version to follow shortly.