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Empowering professional investors, Bespoke indices and strategies, Active and Passive Strategies Marketplace, State-of-the-art portfolio allocation tools, Independence, Access to Global Index Providers


C8 - where empowerment fuels exceptional performance

Empowering institutions, platforms, Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs), and Family Offices by providing them with access to our extensive universe of investments.

Our state-of-the-art portfolio allocation tools enable precise and strategic asset allocation, tailored to their unique objectives and risk profiles. Realising portfolios seamlessly is effortless with our streamlined execution capabilities.

We chart a course towards unparalleled success, ensuring that our clients achieve their financial goals with confidence and precision.

Our Unique Offering

Professional investors can use C8 to realise the performance of any institutional-grade investment style by directly trading the underlying assets. Uniquely, C8 provides low-cost, broker-agnostic, direct access to a wide range of financial instruments, including active and passive, tradeable indices.

C8 is not bound to large banks/institutions and thus does not push any agenda or products onto its customers.

Access to Global Index Providers
Investors can access market-leading providers across the world without any restrictions.

Transparency in Investing
C8 provides visibility and control of the investment process allowing for portfolio strategies based on criteria important to the customer (e.g. ESG).

Multiple Asset Classes & Instrument Types
C8 has a broad range of investment solutions covering almost all asset types. As a flexible service provider, C8 delivers exposure through direct indexing, fund solutions, SMAs and certificates.

End-to-end Platform
C8 offers an end-to-end solution with a marketplace, investment process and execution services.

Leadership Expertise
Deep financial industry expertise in C8’s senior leadership and extensive experience in delivering high-end financial technology solutions.

Our Advantages

One-stop investing
One-stop investing: from designing exposure to implementing execution.

Ability to generate
The ability to generate tax alpha: tax-loss harvesting, long-term capital gains management and capital gains tax deferral.

Ownership of the underlying investments - full control and transparency.

Top class
Top-class, global execution capabilities.

Bespoke indices and strategies
Bespoke index portfolios and customisation at will.

Fits into the investor client’s existing custodian and broker infrastructure.

Full index replication and sparse index tracking.

No layered fees.

C8 Investment Solutions

Professional investors can use C8 to realise the performance of any institutional-grade investment style by directly trading the underlying assets. Uniquely, C8 provides low-cost, broker-agnostic, direct access to a wide range of financial instruments, including active and passive, tradeable indices.

C8 Alpha

  • Active and Passive Strategies Marketplace
  • Bespoke Strategies and Indices
  • Wrapped Strategies and Indices in UCITS Funds, Certificates and TRS solutions
  • Direct indexing

C8 Allocate

  • Portfolio optimisation
  • Bespoke portfolios
  • Risk managed portfolios
  • Tactically optimal portfolios
  • Sparse portfolios
  • Tracking portfolios

C8 Wealth

  • Wealth platform
  • Bespoke Marketplace with clients own financial products (Funds, ETFs, Certificates, …)
  • Development of optimal portfolio blends
  • Custom wealth solutions and reports

C8 Hedge

  • Powerful, bespoke FX hedging solutions
  • Advanced FX models
  • Calculate optimal FX ratios
  • Automates the FX risk management process
  • FX research

C8 Alpha

Active and Passive Strategies Marketplace
Explore our dynamic marketplace offering a diverse array of active and passive indices and strategies. Whether you're seeking the agility of active management or the stability of passive indices, C8 provides a curated selection to match your investment preferences and goals.

Direct Indexing
Seize control of your portfolio like never before with C8's Direct Indexing platform. Say goodbye to cookie-cutter investment solutions and hello to direct ownership of individual stocks. With direct indexing, you have the power to customize your portfolio, optimize tax efficiency, and maximize returns.

Bespoke Indices and Strategies
Tailor your investment approach to perfection with our bespoke strategies and indices. At C8, we understand that every investor is unique. That's why we offer personalized solutions crafted to align seamlessly with your financial objectives and risk tolerance.

Tax Loss Harvesting
Maximize your tax savings with C8's tax loss harvesting strategies. Our sophisticated algorithms automatically identify opportunities to strategically realize losses, offsetting gains, and minimizing your tax liability. With C8, you can keep more of your hard-earned money working for you.

C8 Allocate

Assessing and designing an investment portfolio in an uncertain world requires a resilient and well-thought-out approach. Diversification benefits are enhanced if the portfolio builder can harness high-performing portfolio constituents.

Bespoke Portfolios
Experience the power of customization with C8's bespoke portfolios. We understand that no two investors are alike, which is why we tailor each portfolio to reflect your individual aspirations and risk appetite.

Combination Strategies
Explore a diverse range of investment strategies with C8's combination approach. Whether you're seeking growth, income, or a balanced combination of both, our platform provides the flexibility to create a portfolio that suits your needs.

Portfolio Optimization
Unlock the full potential of your investments with C8's portfolio optimization tools. Our sophisticated algorithms continuously analyze and adjust your portfolio to maximize returns while managing risk effectively.

Analysis and Research
Make informed decisions with C8's comprehensive analysis and research resources. From in-depth market insights to individual stock analysis, our platform equips you with the tools you need to stay ahead of the curve.

The power of diversification.​

Assessing and designing an investment portfolio in an uncertain world requires a resilient and well thought out approach. Diversification benefits are enhanced if the portfolio builder can harness high performing portfolio constituents.

Explore the impact of our systematic portfolio construction process or read the short whitepaper.

We have chosen a US Balanced Equity and Bond index as the benchmark for simplicity and clarity. The choice of benchmark can be very important and the most appropriate benchmark is frequently unique to a client. A full allocation to equities is likely to be incompatible with a well-balanced portfolio so be mindful of volatility and drawdowns when comparing the annualised performance below.

Portfolio Performance -
Benchmark Allocation
Annualised Return 6.72
Realised Volatility 8.85
Downside Volatility 6.27
Max Drawdown -20.28
Winning Months 68.57
Sharpe Ratio 0.76
Sortino Ratio 1.07
Calmar Ratio 0.33
Sample Asset Mix Table
Equities Fixed Income Alternatives

C8 Wealth

Bespoke Marketplace with Proprietary Products
Discover exclusive investment opportunities within our bespoke marketplace, featuring clients' proprietary products. Whether you're seeking innovative Funds, cutting-edge ETFs, or specialized Certificates, C8 provides access to unique offerings tailored to your investment objectives.

Custom Wealth Solutions
Experience unparalleled customization with C8's custom wealth solutions. From retirement planning to estate management, our platform offers tailored solutions to address your specific needs and objectives.

Development of Optimal Portfolio Blends
Craft the perfect blend of assets with C8's portfolio optimization tools. Our platform analyzes your financial goals, risk tolerance, and market conditions to develop optimal portfolio blends that maximize returns and minimize risk.

Comprehensive Reports
Stay informed and empowered with C8's comprehensive reporting capabilities. Access detailed insights into your portfolio performance, asset allocation, and investment strategy through customizable reports tailored to your preferences.

C8 Hedge

Powerful Bespoke FX Hedging Solutions
Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all approaches and hello to tailor-made FX hedging solutions. C8 offers bespoke strategies designed to address your unique FX exposure, ensuring optimal risk management and protection against currency volatility.

Calculate Optimal FX Ratios
Unlock the full potential of your FX hedging strategy with C8's ability to calculate optimal FX ratios. Our platform analyzes economic and market data and your specific risk profile to determine the ideal balance of hedged and unhedged positions, maximizing efficiency and minimizing costs.

Advanced FX Models
Leverage the latest advancements in FX modelling with C8. Our platform incorporates sophisticated algorithms and predictive analytics to forecast currency movements accurately, enabling proactive decision-making and strategic hedging.

Automated FX Risk Management Process
Streamline your FX risk management with C8's automated solutions. Our platform automates key processes, from risk assessment to hedging execution, saving you time and reducing manual errors, so you can focus on growing your business with confidence.

Please test the C8 Hedge for USD, EUR and GBP, updated until {{chartsUntilDateText}}, with the demo below.

To learn more, please request an Account.

News and Updates

C8 Technologies

C8 Technologies was established in 2017 in London by Mattias Eriksson and Ebrahim Kasenally , previously partners and senior executives at BlueCrest Capital Management – one of the largest global alternative investment management firms. C8 combines decades of investment research, trading and technology experience.

C8 Technologies is a fintech company that has developed a global platform where customers have access to a marketplace with strategies and can trade underlying assets directly via their own broker.

Mattias Eriksson
Founder & CEO

Ebrahim Kasenally
Founder & Chief Research Officer

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Please contact us with your thoughts and needs. We like nothing more than to work with you to create customised, efficient strategies that you then control and implement.

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