C8 is here to empower you, help you deliver returns and take back control of your capital. C8 offers you a new way to manage your investments through C8-EcoSystem providing active tradable indices developed in-house as well as by leading investment professionals. Through our interactive platform, C8 Studio, you can quickly and easily rebalance your index compositions. You have control of the investment process with the ability to customise portfolios, risk manage and choose index composition tailored to your requirements with full transparency.
C8 Studio

Our platform-independent App is called C8-Studio. With it, you can evaluate different indices, including your own, to come up with the most suitable mix. Once satisfied with your selection, C8-Studio allows you to implement the rebalance immediately using your account. You can rebalance in and out of different indices at your discretion, depending on your risk appetite, and in a timely fashion.

C8 EcoSystem

Trend Indices: Exchange-traded Futures (Global and China) and Cash equities (Europe, Asia & US)

Macro Factor Indices: Exchange-traded Commodity Futures (Global and China), FX and Cash equities (China)

Statistical Arbitrage Indices: Cash Equities (Europe, Asia, Oceania & US)

Alpha Capture Indices: Cash Equities (Asia including China). In collaboration with TIM Group, the world's most extensive independent trade ideas network. https://www.timgroup.com

Alternative Risk Premia Indices: Exchange-traded Futures and FX, Assets: Equities, Rates, FX, Commodities & Volatility. Risk Premia Styles: Carry, Liquidity, Momentum, Curve, Value, Beta. In collaboration with Pacific Asset Management. http://www.pacificam.co.uk

Responsible Investing (ESG) Indices: ESG-compliant Cash Equity portfolios, rebalanced using a systematic process. In collaboration with ALDC Partnership, a leading proponent, policy setter and innovator in ESG investing. http://www.aldcpartnership.com

Mattias Eriksson > Founder, CEO
Dr. Ebrahim Kasenally > Founder & Chief Research Officer
Ricardo Baroni > Head of Sales
Jonathan Webb > Head of Business Development
Bo Yang > Head of Greater China
William Soo > Senior Quantitative Researcher
Sergey Vdovenko > Senior Software Engineer
Mo EI Husseiny > Partner & Strategic Adviser
Göran Emtesjö > Strategic Adviser for the Nordic Region
Timothy Bell > Strategic Adviser
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