C8 Technologies Expands into the US with New Tools and Team

November 1, 2022

Craig Cmiel, Chris McHeffey, Arun Kaul and Diederik Hooijkaas join C8´s investor client team to grow coverage in the US. They join Scott Douglass and Mark Curtis, who have established a home base in the US over the last year.

Cmiel, McHeffey, and Kaul each bring 30 years of industry experience. The US team has extensive experience building asset management solutions, working closely with money managers, and specializing in a broad spectrum of financial products, including Fixed-Income, ETFs, Mutual Funds, and Alternative Investments.

Cmiel said, “C8 technology is innovative, is the future of UMA, and much more advanced than what advisors are using now for Direct Index solutions.”

Diederik Hooijkaas supports the US Team and clients as a lead analyst supporting index and portfolio solutions. Mark Curtis continues to lead the effort with institutional and product solutions for US customers, and Scott Douglass, in the COO role, brings the power of a global firm into the US business.

Mattias Eriksson, Co-Founder and CEO of C8 Technologies, said: “We believe that the C8 fintech platform can support RIAs and wealth managers and their clients with unique state-of-the-art solutions. The US market is vital for C8, so it is exciting to extend our US team with Craig, Chris, Arun and Diederik. They all are very seasoned and will provide complimentary knowledge to the C8 family.”


C8 is not a registered advisor but rather a tech platform that supports advisors with new and innovative tools.

About C8 Technologies

C8 Technologies is the pioneering, independent fintech platform that offers RIAs and wealth managers the ability to use Direct Indexing to customize their investments. C8 Wealth builds on C8 Studio and brings state-of-the-art optimization, broader asset allocation, and global reach to advisors looking to take Direct Indexing to the next level. C8 has been serving family offices and institutions worldwide and now continues to expand its geographical reach with new channels in the US.

The C8 platform connects institutional investors with well over 700 institutional-grade indices and strategies from around the globe, providing broad choices in the portfolio selection process while facilitating the creation of fully bespoke portfolios via Direct Indexing in a single end-to-end process.


Media Contact:    US – Chris McHeffey, Head of US Product and Client Integration, 201-988-1826